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Where can Welded wire mesh be used?

Date:2020-04-10 Author:hengshi

Welded wire mesh is one popular materials in concrete, construction and industry. It is made of low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire after welding and surface treating. Welded wire mesh fabric is widely used in building construction, protection system, filtration, food, agriculture and so on.

Welded wire mesh Assortment:

Techonolgy of Welded wire mesh include Electro Galvanized before or after welding ,Hot Dipped Galvanized before or after welding,Welding befor pvc coated and welding with drawing wire ,stainless steel wire.

Welded wire mesh Feature:

Welded wire mesh has smooth and trim mesh surface,solid and uniform structure supuerior integral performance,it won't loosen even subject to local cutting or has the charicterristic of corrosion resisting,oxidation resisting.

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