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hot dip Galvanized gabion box gabion basket for sale

Date:2020-08-19 Author:hengshi

Gabion mesh is made of metal woven or welded into the container, evenly divided, different sizes, and other same containers connected to each other, and in the use of site filled with stone, forming a flexible, permeable, overall structure, such as retaining wall, seawall, channel lining, revetment and weir, to maintain the soil quality. It widely used for stable soil movement and erosion, canal renovation, retaining walls, river control, reservoirs and landscaping. At the same time, they have good permeability, eliminating the main reason of soil structure instability.Gabion mesh has also been shown to provide a good balance between engineering requirements and environmental considerations for earth retaining walls along rivers, highways and railways. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in this field, we are engaged in manufacturing and exporting gabion mesh.The range of products offered is the use of tested high quality metals in our well-equipped manufacturing facilities.Complete product specifications, can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers.