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High Quality Gabion mesh for sale

Date:2019-08-01 Author:hengshi

Gabion mesh Introduction: 

Gabion is made of hexagonal wire mesh, the wire diameter is basis on the different sizes of hexagon. If the wire is zinc coated, the wire diameter should be 2.0mm to 4.0mm, if it is PVC-coated, the wire should be 3.0mm to 4.5mm, Then the edge wire should be thicker one size wire guage than the hexagonal mesh wire.

Welded Gabion box is made of galfan wire and galvanized wire. It can be moved relatively easily by a simple hand truck by a single person. Simple installation. No special technology needed. Welded wire gabion network installation fast and convenient and simple structure and beautiful, save work time saving, high work efficiency.

Customized packing ,such us carton and plastic wrapped,has good dust-proof and moisture-proof which can effectively protect the safety of gabions, easy to carry, store and retail.