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What are the main features of Gabions boxes?

Date:2019-08-12 Author:hengshi

Gabion Baskets are wire containers made of hexagonal wire netting.
Wire diameter varies with the hexagonal nettings.For hexagonal gabion wire with no pvc coating,the wire diameter ranges from 2.0mm to 4.0mm.For those PVC coated hexagonal gabion baskets,the outside diameter ranges from 3.0mm to 4.0mm.The wire of the outside frame edge is one wiregauge thicker than the wire used for hexagonal wire netting.
Gabions boxes are wire mesh baskets filled with stones,rocks and other hardmaterials,properly wired together for construction of erosion controlstructures,in civil engineering works.
Gabion basket can be used for making slope, rock,slope vegetation,rail-way or highway guardrail mesh stable. Also it can be made into basket, mesh mat for protecting dam which easily ruined by flood and lead to property losses. Therefore, application of gabion basket is the best solution of solving the problem that give dams lasting protection.
Gabion Baskets  Advantages:
1. Soft structure is exactly adapt to any changing of slope but not ruined by it, which more stable than rigid structure.
2. Strong capacity of Anti-scour even reach to 6m/s.
3. The structure has permeability essentially, which let ground water leak while Precipitate suspended matter,mud to stay in the stone gaps, thus plants grow, restoring previous ecology.