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358 High Securty Fencing

Applications: mainly used for bridge anti-climb guarding & guard safety screening

Product Details

358 High Security Fencing Material: Low carbon steel wire.

358 High Security Fencing Specification:

1) Size: 60 x 60, 80 x 80, 60 x 80, 60 x 120mm, etc.

2) Thickness: 2.0, 2.5, 3.0mm

3) Height: 2800, 3100, 3800mm

Standard  sizes
Fence heights (mtrs) Panel size HxW (mm) Wire diameter (mm) Post centres (mm) Post section RHS (mm)

358 High Security Fencing Process:

material---straighten and cutting---welded---making folds---galvanized/hot-dipped--- parkerising---PVC coated--packing

358 High Security Fencing Applications:

* Bridge anti-climb guarding & guard safety screening

* Sub-station Security Fencing

* Psychiatric hospital security fencing

* Prison Security Fencing

* Factory Machine guards

* Walkway security fencing

* Airport security fencing

* 358 wire mesh fence gates

* Shipping Port Security fencing

* Electrical sub-station fencing

* Water Treatment works

* Gas pipelines Security Fence

* High security window grilles

* Balustrades Security Fence

358 High Security Fencing Packing:

>>Panel packing:

1. it has soft sponge at the botom of the pallet to avoid the botom fence panel to be damaged by

metal pallet.

2. it has 4 metal corners to keep the pallet be more strong.

3. it has metal plate under the plastic bandage to avoid the bandage to presure the fence panel.

4. it has wood plate on the top of pallet to keep the above pallet to de destroyed by the pallet.

>> Post packing:

the post is covered with plasti cap then packed with plastic flim. Clips packed by set.


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